We are Bugscale

We are an IT security services company focused on application security.

Our team is a small ensemble of security enthusiasts who have been working in the industry for many years as auditors and vulnerability researchers.

We love security and the thrill of popping shells!

Our areas of expertise

Currently we have experts that can audit and research vulnerabilities in a wide range of applications and systems:

Our team is proficient in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in native and desktop applications as well as (enterprise) server applications.

We have experience analyzing and identifying complex vulnerabilities in large code bases and frameworks. Our experts regularly contribute security vulnerabilities to large projects.

Embedded devices such as routers, printers, cameras, NAS and many others are becoming more and more security relevant as attackers target these for lateral movement or an easy entry point into your network.

Our lab is equipped with the required tools to allow our experts to extract firmwares, to find vulnerabilities and to mount hardware attacks on the devices.

While having access to the source code in general makes life for our engineers easier, sometimes you don’t have a choice. Our team of reverse engineers is able to analyze and identify vulnerabilities and exploit them even on compiled and potentially obfuscated code.

If you feel that your needs do not fit into any of these descriptions, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Our experts are very flexible and can adapt to new environments and challenges quickly and efficiently.

How we level up

Security Conferences

The Bugscale team can be found at many large and small security conferences. We are regularly attending OffensiveCon, Hexacon, Insomni'hack and Black Alps among others.

Come say 'hi' to us next time!

Security Trainings

Our team participates regularly in technical security trainings in order to expand our knowledge, keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and improve in areas we are not yet proficient in.

Bug Bounty Programs

Employees are encouraged to participate in bug bounty programs to hone their security skills.

Many members of the team have been participating successfully for years in bug bounty programs on ZDI, Hackerone, YesWeHack, etc.

Security Competitions

Our team takes part in Capture The Flag competitions. These events consist of highly technical security challenges in which the contestants have to find and exploit vulnerabilities.

Members of Bugscale have participated multiple times in the DEFCON CTF, which is the most prestigious competition held annually in Las Vegas.

Want to work with us?